What we do

The centre is a welcoming environment in the heart of the community, run by local people with several years of expertise. We offer ESOL classes, advice sessions (on housing, employment, benefits, etc.), and sewing classes focused on employment. .

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Art and Craft Sewing course.

We teach women to sew: from the hand sewing, to the use of sewing machines and advance techniques. Students will learn to use equipment appropriately and safely.
They will be taught how to take body measurements, pattern cutting, dress making, embroidery and soft furnishing. These skills will strengthen their job opportunities to find employment in the garment industry or become self employed. 

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Health Awareness Project.

Our aim for this project is to give women the opportunity to learn and share from one another, across their different cultures, ethnic groups and faith. It will provide better accessibility to specific information on health issues to all communities. It will be used to sign post local participants to local health service providers. 

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Money Savvy / Local Accountancy Project.

We will be working with Money Savvy Southwark and Local Accountancy Project to provide free training on money management, budgeting and accountancy. Designed for people who are struggling with financial issues, and students who intend to become self employed.

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Advanced Sewing Course.

To join this class you will need to have completed the beginner’s course or have sewing experience. Students will work in small groups so there is enough time to be closely guided along the process of creating a product. 
You will be taught how to make clothes using a commercial pattern. We will be looking at how to customise it using tailoring techniques to adapt the garment. 

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Advice and Advocacy Sessions.

The aim of these sessions is to bring together women from all ethnic backgrounds and empower them by building their confidence and developing their skills into something they can adapt to improve their education and employment opportunities. 

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ESOL English Lessons.

ESOL classes aim to improve speaking, reading and writing of English for women whose first language is not English. It helps users participate actively in their community life; and provides a social outlet.
It provides users with communication skills that will help them get into employment, professional training or higher education. This in turn helps tackle the issue of poverty and lack of qualifications to gain employment. 

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Business  Advice.

We help clients to master/understand their business idea. How/why clients should gather information about their market; and understanding what to do in business management. We help them tructure their business legally and understanding how to do a business plan.


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